Private Equity

Business, Technology, Internet and network concept. Young businessman working on a tablet of the future, he sees the inscription: private equity

Private equity is one of the most dynamic and successful industries in the past few years and is now an integral part of business life. In numerous companies of every industry and size, private equity investors have invested with private equity to raise “hidden values” or to bring companies that are in trouble back to growth and success.

The declared aim of private equity investors is to sustainably increase the value of the investment companies in order to either successfully market them or sell them to other companies after an average holding period of five years.

In order for the investment to pay off and the return expectations of the investors to be realized, the new owners usually set very ambitious targets for cost-cutting and growth measures. At the same time, private equity investors are often characterized by a very strong implementation orientation. Both together mean a great challenge for management and employees of the company.

In order to successfully manage such a change situation, UBMI is happy to support you in your decisions to reach new perspectives.