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Compliance Concept

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Corporate Governance

The concept of corporate governance is based on an international understanding of the structure and processes for the good and responsible management, administration and monitoring of companies. In the last few years, international standards have been developed which take particular account of the interests of shareholders.

In addition to efficient structures and processes, the UBMI attaches great importance to openness and clarity in company communications. This is an important prerequisite for maintaining and expanding our confidence in UBMI with our employees and the general public.



Compliance describes all measures that ensure the legal conduct of companies, their management bodies and their employees with regard to legal and company-internal bids and prohibitions. The UBMI Compliance Program is designed to protect the employees and the company from violations of law, while at the same time helping to implement laws correctly. The UBMI Compliance Program is composed of the following elements: Competition, Capital Market, Integrity and Embargo Compliance. The central compliance office, which is headquartered in the department of personnel and law, and, among other things, compliance officers in the Group companies, ensure that the UBMI Compliance Program is implemented across the Group.